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These are screenshots from the website I’m working on creating. Essentially it’ll be a place where people can find black hair stylist in their area and a directory of online black hair resources (youtube channels, natural hair recipes, tutorials, online stores, etc) in one place that members can add to 

I have a quick 9 question online survey I need at least 40 people to respond to (right now I am 4) so that I can improve the site before it goes live.

Pleaseeeee do the survey and/or reblog this! 

I see this is still making the rounds but i gotta say the site: is called and well…





I can’t wait until they optimize it and make a mobile app for it too. This shit saved me so much time and trouble.



ive been on this website for 4 years, lord knows ive seen some shit but this is without question the WILDEST thing i have ever laid eyes upon

this is the most fucked up thing on this website
that is a picture of a woman who was denied the ability to have birth in a hospital and did it on the front lawn by herself without that aid of anyone
I swear to god I hate all of you like please do some stupid shit and cease to exist

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